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KwaCare is a Public Benefit Organisation and is a Ministry of His Church, Pinetown. His Church's Senior Pastor, Fiona Des Fontaine started KwaCare in 1995 with a vision of reaching the people of KwaDabeka, through meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

KwaDabeka is an informal settlement in the Province of KwaZulu Natal with an approximate population of 175 000 people. The people of KwaDabeka are mostly Zulu-speaking and many of them live in shacks or other makeshift homes with no running water or electricity. Many households here receive little or no income whatsoever and lack of education, unemployment, disease and disability have made it increasingly difficult for people and families to nourish, educate and clothe themselves.
KwaCare's focus is on poverty alleviation through effective community outreach projects. KwaCare places an emphasis on food security and formal education. Through a number of different projects, we seek to help the most vulnerable people of KwaDabeka society – specifically, orphans and vulnerable children, widows, single parents, youth and distressed families, although we are always available to assist anyone in the community, where possible.
Although our primary focus is on the people of KwaDabeka, we do offer assistance to many other people and communities.
Since 1995, KwaCare has grown enormously and was registered as a Non Profit Company in 2000. Through the years we have faithfully served the community of KwaDabeka, helping hundreds of people to find hope by showing them that we care.
Our vision has never changed – our goal is still to change the lives of the people we serve by impacting them physically, spiritually and emotionally.

"KwaCare is the hope
for the vulnerable &
unemployed... for physical,
psychological & spiritual
welfare" Mrs Mpho Mthembu
Director of EPWP
(eThekwini Municipality)

Help People Help Themselves Help Others
REGISTRATION NO. 2000/005376/08 - PBO NO. 930 003 826
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