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Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Fun Day

In December 2010, we took approximately 170 orphans and vulnerable children from KwaDabeka to the beach for a fun-filled day. For many of these children, the day-to-day reality of their childhood is devastating and the aim of this day was to create a good childhood memory for them, one that would last a lifetime. We wanted to make them feel special and have non-stop fun. The kids played games, swam, ate lots of food and each received a gift. We were also able to share a message of hope with them. 

KwaDabeka Community Fun Day

December 16 is Reconciliation Day in South Africa, a day which seeks to encourage reconciliation and national unity among all South Africans. On Reconciliation Day 2010, KwaCare celebrated by throwing a party for the community of KwaDabeka. Around 500 people attended the Fun Day – people from KwaDabeka and His Church, Pinetown. There were games, jumping castles, face and nail painting and biscuit decorating, as well as a talent show for the local youth. We also provided lots of food. Bringing together people from many different backgrounds, races and cultures, we enjoyed a great day of celebrating our diversity and breaking down barriers that so often exist between people, a true testimony of reconciliation.

Orphans and Vulnerable Childrens' Christmas Party 2011

On the 25th of November 2011, more than 60 orphans and vulnerable children from KwaDabeka were treated to a Christmas Party by HPP and KwaCare.

HPP (HIV Pathogenesis Programme) is a research initiative based at the University of KwaZulu Natal which researches HIV and TB. For Christmas 2011, the staff and students of HPP decided to give a Christmas Party instead of having one for themselves. They decided to throw a party for local underprivileged children and contacted KwaCare to help them arrange this. KwaCare arranged for the children to attend the party with HPP hosting the event. There was lots of food, games, face painting, and a bubble machine for the kids to enjoy. Each staff member and student also bought a gift for each child, making each child feel special and making the day truly memorable for them. Check out the video of the party (link).

. . . I want to thank you
for making us a special day. 
There was big joy and happiness for
all of us and the day was special to
us children. The way you welcomed
us, we were like celebrities to you . . .
were like we are the only children in
the world.  To us you were like our
brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. I
never get excited like that day
in my whole life.” Chuma,
one of the orphans.

Community Fun Day
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