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KwaCare runs a Community Soup Kitchen in KwaDabeka which provides healthy, cooked meals five days a week.  KwaCare provides the food, and the Soup Kitchen is staffed by volunteers from KwaDabeka’s community.  The Soup Kitchen currently feeds between 80 to 100 people, Monday to Friday and is a lifeline for many people in desperate circumstances.  Anyone in the community is welcome to come along to the Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen provides more than 18 000 meals each year.
In 2010, between 50-100 families were fed each day.

Orphans & Vulnerable Children’s
Soup Kitchen

This Soup Kitchen is intended specifically for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. It has been started at Buhlebemfundo Secondary School in KwaDabeka and focuses on learners from the school who are not getting enough to eat. The school’s teachers noticed these learners and how a lack of food was affecting them academically as the children were finding it difficult to concentrate on school work with an empty stomach. With this Soup Kitchen, approximately 70 children are now getting a nutritious meal every school day of the week.

Through our efforts to feed them, these children are now able to concentrate on their schoolwork and so we hope to help them gain a better education. This, in turn, provides them with an opportunity to uplift themselves and their families out of poverty in the future. KwaCare plans to replicate this Soup Kitchen in the other High Schools in KwaDabeka.

Food Parcels

Each month, KwaCare delivers food parcels to individuals and families in KwaDabeka who are struggling to put food on the table.  These people generally receive little or no income, usually as a result of unemployment, disabilities, or disease.  Whilst on the food parcel programme, we advise them to access government grants if they are eligible.  Through this programme, we meet the very real needs of some of the Community’s most vulnerable people, and demonstrate to them that they are not forgotten

In 2010, we delivered approximately 500 parcels to about 80 families and, on average, 150 people were fed each month. 

“I was worried, people
weren’t eating. I had no idea
and no money to buy food for
them. But when KwaCare started
soup kitchen, it was a blessing from
above. I decided to be part of it
and to cook for the community.”
Juliet Dlungwane,
Soup Kitchen Cook

food security children
"Thank you so much for helping Ntombenhle. She sent me an SMS yesterday to say how much she appreciated receiving the food. She said 'Angels' came to visit her!I was truly amazed how prompt KwaCare was in responding to my request."Roxanne, Community Nurse
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