Community Impact

Impacting our community in relevant and empowering ways

Each year we work to impact our community far beyond the reach of our projects.

We partner with community members, local NGO’s and local government to provide support and resources that are able to change people’s lives in simple yet relevant and empowering ways.

Through this project, we reach out to people and families who are facing devastating circumstances and who cannot help themselves out of their place of distress. We come alongside them to help meet their need in a practical and relevant way.

We helped 11 children from a local Primary School whose homes tragically burnt down, leaving their families in desperate situations. We were able to provide clothes, underwear, toiletries, blankets and school supplies for them.

“The smiles on those young children’s faces and we could see that they were so amazed by the blessing that was upon them . . . I’m sure they will never forget that day which was made possible by your organisation. Thank you so much‎ . . . there are people out there who need you and appreciate what you do for them.”
Sgt H. Ntenza, SAPS KwaDabeka


Each year we host our Annual Youth Sports Day – nicknamed “Kasilympics” (Kasi (township) Olympics). The sports day gives us an opportunity to connect with our local kids and give them a day of fun to look forward to each year.


Many girls in KwaDabeka miss school each month when they have their period because they cannot afford sanitary pads, often resulting in them dropping out of school altogether.

By supplying underwear and reusable sanitary pads to some of these girls, we are keeping them in school and giving them the best chance for their future.