Empowering our children and youth to change their futures


Helping 57 children go to school

There are many children living in KwaDabeka who don’t go to school because their parents/guardians cannot afford to send them. These children are sitting at home, unable to get an education. We are determined to change this, one child at a time.

Through KwaEd, we help orphans and other highly vulnerable children living in desperate circumstances to go to school by covering their school fees, uniforms, stationery, transport, and other schooling costs. We also run a Mentorship Programme which covers a wide range of relevant topics, equipping them with practical life skills as well as motivation to work hard, complete their schooling and have hope for their future. We also assist students who need a little extra help. Aside from paying for their schooling costs, we also assist them with groceries, toiletries, clothes and other things they need.



Helping 12 students to study at tertiary level

KwaEd Tertiary assists orphans and vulnerable children who come from impoverished and disadvantaged homes to study at tertiary level. We come alongside these students to help them avoid becoming a statistic of unemployment, poverty and hopelessness. Through this project, we help to cover some of their costs, such as: registration and tuition fees, stationery and textbooks, transport, housing and meal costs. The project also includes a mentorship aspect.

We are supporting students in the following fields: Education, Nursing, Accounting, Pharmacy, Architecture, Computer Science, Clothing Management and Life & Environmental Sciences. We place a strong emphasis on education because we know its value and importance in breaking the cycle of poverty for our students, their communities and our country.