Food Security

Helping to provide regular access to food for some of the poorest and most vulnerable people


Feeding more than 200 children at school

KwaCare feeds more than 200 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) throughout the school year.

There are many orphans and other highly vulnerable children living in KwaDabeka. Many of these children do not get enough to eat at home, often coming to school hungry. They perform very badly in school because they are not able to concentrate on an empty stomach. We have established a feeding programme which serves nutritious meals at two high schools in KwaDabeka. For many of these children, this is the only meal they eat in a day. Through our programme, they no longer have to worry about not having enough food at home and can concentrate on their school work, thereby gaining a better education. This, in turn, offers them hope and opportunity for their future.

Our vision is to help feed all children in KwaDabeka schools who need assistance with a Feeding Programme.

Helping impoverished families to put food on the table

There are many families living in KwaDabeka who cannot afford enough to eat. Many of these homes are affected by unemployment, disability, illness or the loss of the family breadwinner. Each month, KwaCare delivers food parcels to some of these families, bringing them hope and relief. This project is designed to regularly assess the family’s situation as well as assist them through other projects (such as KwaEd and Skills Development) to become self-reliant.