Litres for Education

Send our kids to school by driving your car!


Litres for Education is an inspired initiative that enables you to support the students on our Education Projects – KwaEd & KwaEd Tertiary, every time you fill up your car!

This is an exciting partnership, between selected petrol stations & NGO’s, which will help drive the money you spend on petrol further, and help KwaCare continue its work changing lives in the community.

When you fill up at participating petrol stations, 10c per litre is donated to KwaCare.

LFE-KwaCare disk

  1. Go to a participating petrol station
  2. Show the attendant the KwaCare Donor ID disc (pictured left) or quote Donor no.732
  3. Fill up with petrol as normal
  4. Make sure your attendant writes the sale in the Litres for Education Book

It’s that easy! And doesn’t cost you an extra cent!

You’ve filled your car with petrol and helped KwaCare earn 10c per litre of petrol you purchase – THANK YOU!

For more information and to get your disc contact us.