Background, Vision & Mission


KwaCare was established as a way to reach out to impoverished, suffering and vulnerable people living in our community in order to provide real and meaningful change in their lives. KwaCare was founded in 1995 by Fiona Des Fontaine when she took over the Senior Pastorship of His Church, Pinetown.

Today KwaCare is a registered Non Profit Company and Public Benefit Organisation and has brought hope and transformation to the lives of thousands of people.

KwaCare works primarily in KwaDabeka, a township community (urban slum) near Durban (in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa). KwaDabeka was developed in the 1960s as a temporary settlement for migrant labourers. Today more than 100,000 people live here. Many families live below the poverty line in shacks and other makeshift homes with no running water or electricity. Unemployment, sickness, lack of service delivery and crime make it difficult for people to break the devastating cycle of poverty in their lives.

We are passionately committed to being part of the solution against poverty and injustice in our community.



Our vision is to see our community transformed – where families no longer live in poverty, but are able to provide for themselves and look to the future with hope.

We see a community where the poor, the elderly and the vulnerable are taken care of. We see a community where everyone has enough to eat, where all children receive a good education and where orphans know the love of family. We see a community where everyone lives in safe, affordable homes and where adults have meaningful work and are able to take care of their families. We see a community where people have access to medical care and where victims of crime and abuse find support and refuge.

We see a community where people live with dignity, hope and joy.



In the short term, we work to meet some of the immediate physical needs of socially and economically vulnerable people – meeting their needs in practical and relevant ways.Long term, we work to resolve the causes of poverty, thereby alleviating its impact in people’s lives. Our projects focus on food deprivation, lack of access to education, lack of skills, unemployment and rape and trauma.

At the heart of KwaCare lies the immutable mandate to build up and empower people, working alongside them to help them become independent. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to build relationships and actively engage with our community on an ongoing basis – discovering the difficulties people are facing and partnering with them to develop meaningful solutions.

We work with community members, schools, government departments and other local NGO’s to reach some of the poorest and most vulnerable people living here – orphans, single parents, youth, widows and the elderly, people who are sick or disabled, and victims of rape and abuse.