At KwaCare, we believe in the healthy future of the next generation.

Not only do we believe in their future, but we are also completely invested in it.

We believe that every life has potential, and our aim is to empower that potential, providing the tools and opportunities to help make it a reality.


About KwaCare

KwaCare was founded in 1995 in an effort to reach our local community – Kwadabeka. Shortly after becoming the senior pastor of His Church, our founder, Fiona Des Fontaine, established KwaCare as a way to meet the needs of KwaDabeka, with the long-term vision of seeing the community transformed.  


Today KwaCare is a registered Non-Profit Company and Public Benefit Organisation and has brought hope and transformation to the lives of thousands of people.


KwaDabeka is a township community (urban slum) near Durban (in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa). The community was developed in the 1960s as a temporary settlement for migrant laborers. Today more than 100,000 people live here. Many families live below the poverty line in shacks and other makeshift homes with no running water or electricity.


Unemployment, sickness, lack of service delivery and crime make it difficult for people to break the devastating cycle of poverty in their lives. Across South Africa, stats show that half of the students who start a schooling career aren’t able to complete it and this is damaging futures everywhere.



Jane Chimudzi


Jane has been a pastor at His Church since 1989 and oversees the Worship and Community Outreach Ministries. Jane has led KwaCare as the Chairperson since 2009 and has a strong desire to see compassion and justice lived out practically in our community.

Mondli Myeza


Mondli was the Managing Director of KwaCare between 2011 and 2016 and is a pastor at His Church, overseeing the New Germany campus. Mondli has a rich history in community development in South Africa. His heart is to see people’s lives transformed physically, emotionally and spiritually and he brings a grassroots perspective to the social and economic issues facing our community.

Adrian McMillan

Financial Director

Adrian has been a part of His Church for over 25 years. He has a heart for missions, as well as possessing a passionate conviction to handle finances God’s way. He strongly believes that being faithful with the little always leads to increase, and that is exactly how he approaches the finances of KwaCare.

Simon Hemsley


Simon has been a pastor at His Church since 2007 and joined the KwaCare Board in 2016 when he took over as Senior Pastor of His Church. Simon is passionate about helping people from every generation to live with purpose and meaning in their lives.

Thandaza Cyril Nkabinde


Thandaza Cyril Nkabinde is a specialist family physician and an academic, who is passionate about seeing underserved communities uplifted especially through the provision of educational opportunities and support. He has been a member of his church since 2007 and has served as part of the KwaCare subcommittee previously.
He has now been appointed as the KwaCare chairperson effective from January 2021.