In April this year, KZN experienced severe flooding in many areas, including our very own KwaDabeka. Many people were displaced from their homes as a result of the devastation caused by landslides and water damage. We made a decision, in partnership with His Church, to help where in any way we could. 

Together we raised R50 000,00 which was used to feed those who were now living in the various community halls in KwaDabeka. The feeding initiative lasted 8 weeks, with KwaCare providing meals twice a week for 80-110 people. This means that during this time we have been able to provide approximately 1280-1800 meals to those who were staying at the community Halls. We have now concluded our feeding initiative; however, we are continuing to support two halls with a donation of bread that we receive from the BB bread factory. 

In Mariannridge, we partnered with a team of community leaders led by Emily Griffiths that were also working to provide meals to people in need. We were able to contribute R15 000,00 of donations towards their efforts. 

With the help of Mondli Myeza, Pastor at His Church New Germany and a director at KwaCare, and some generous sponsors, we were also able to facilitate the rebuilding of one family’s home which had been totally destroyed. The build was completed in just longer than a month and we were happy to see the family safely moved into their new home. 

Although we have done what we can in the situation, we are still hoping and praying that everyone who was affected by the floods will be restored and be able to look to the future with hope. We would like to thank everyone who was able to make a meaningful contribution to help care for our communities during this time.