KwaED Tertiary

KwaEd Tertiary is a program that aims to assist and mentor KwaEd program graduates, and other tertiary students, through their educational journey, equipping them for life as a student and young professional. The program takes the four key focuses of the Kwa-Ed program and applies them to a university context. The emphasis of the program is on mentoring, with a goal to equip our students with the tools that they will need to succeed both in university and when they begin pursuing their dream career. Through NSFAs and other bursary initiatives, students throughout South Africa now enjoy access to tertiary-level education. However, many students are ill-equipped for the challenges faced in university life and the lifestyle that goes with it. Over the years, we noticed this in our own students and developed a mentorship program that focuses on equipping our students with the tools to face the challenges in university, and beyond as they enter the professional workspace.