our vision


To achieve our vision, we designed a set of projects focused on relieving the major socio-economic pressures that hinder students from achieving their dreams.

Education, Mentorship, Nutrition and Social Support are the four ‘pressures’ that we address in each of our programmes:


Kwa-Ed is a project that focuses on assisting disadvantaged or vulnerable youth through their schooling careers by addressing the four socio-economic pressures that we identified. The programme includes youth from Grade 1 to 12.


We aim to ensure that every one of our students receives the nutrition they need to grow and concentrate in school.

We don’t want any of our students to have concerns about where their next meal is coming from, so we offer our assistance by supplementing any nutritional lack that the families of our students may have.

By doing this, we can be sure that they are receiving the nutrition that they need to succeed in school.


We aim to ensure that every one of our students has access to the educational tools and facilities that they need to grow in academic excellence.

To achieve this, we ensure that school fees, uniforms, stationery and transport are all paid for. We have also partnered with School-In-A-Box to provide extra tuition.

By covering these aspects of education, we hope to encourage our students to reach their academic potential.


A mentor is a trusted friend or advisor.

We would like to see each of our students become confident leaders who believe in themselves and those around them. We believe in our students. We know that the encouragement received through our mentorship programme is key to paving a successful career.

Our mentorship programme consists of five elements: camps, mentor days, excursions, church attendance and regular meetings with a mentor.

Social Support

We aim to support our scholars and students in psychological, physical and social health and equip them with the valuable life lessons needed for future success.

Each student meets with one of the KwaCare counsellors for an assessment, and, when necessary, we arrange appointments with specialist consultants.

Kwa-Ed Tertiary.

KwaEd Tertiary is a program that aims to assist and mentor KwaEd program graduates, and other tertiary students, through their educational journey, equipping them for life as a student and young professional. The program takes the four key focuses of the Kwa-Ed program and applies them to a university context. The emphasis of the program is on mentoring, with a goal to equip our students with the tools that they will need to succeed both in university and when they begin pursuing their dream career. 

Through NSFAs and other bursary initiatives, students throughout South Africa now enjoy access to tertiary-level education. However, many students are ill-equipped for the challenges faced in university life and the lifestyle that goes with it. Over the years, we noticed this in our own students and developed a mentorship program that focuses on equipping our students with the tools to face the challenges in university, and beyond as they enter the professional workspace.

KwaCare Learning Centre.

To date, we have seen many students succeed, but we dream of becoming even more effective by starting our development programme at a younger age and with an added emphasis on personal development. This will enable us to achieve our long-term vision of reaching multiple communities with learning centres that prioritise quality education and development.

The starting point for each learner is at the early child development stage – ages 3 to 6 years old. The most fundamental development steps are taken at this stage of a child’s life, making the learning pathway ahead far more effective for all learning types.

At the primary school level, ages 6 to 9, the learners will progress to using the school In a Box tool for grades 1 to 3, having been prepared within the ECD learning centre. By this stage, our learners have not only received a quality education but also have developed holistically and become healthy, well-rounded young people.

The purpose of the learning centres, and the heart of our organisation, is that through excellence in education and acute personal nurturing, we will see equal opportunity achieved in many communities as our vision and reach expands.

Disadvantaged South African youth will access every opportunity to access a healthy and prosperous future. We endeavour to love and support learners, always appreciating their natural strengths through our vision to EDUCATE, EQUIP & EMPOWER the future in them.

We educate, equip and empower. Join us on this journey.